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Daily FOREX Scalps



These are the actual results of my personal day trades with my Demo FOREX Account.

Note: I will put my winners and my losers unlike a lot of other trading sites!



Profits Up!!





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1/17/12 - As you can see below, I successfully traded this demo account from $500k to $3,000,000.00

in just under 2 months!








Here are the results to date on my 500k demo FOREX account that I have been trading. I reached

$2,000,000.00, and then I used way too much of the leverage and got decimated back down to $250k.

I have since built it back up over $700k, so with continued discipline, I will take this one to new heights!




I decided to get very aggressive with this account and ultimately blew it up so I started a new one with 500k

as the starting capital. I have also been working on a practice Forex account and seem to have a better ability

to make profits mostly trading XAU/USD  (Gold). Because it moves around so much, my skill set for trading has

been working very well. I have more than doubled the account to date.



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