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Who it this trading guru who calls himself:  "The donFranko?"

Currently I am a professional Options, Stock and FOREX trader.

My experience in life has been hard and fast. I started my first business at the age of 15 and I never looked back. Because of my hard-nosed drive to make a better life for my family, I have kept that nose to the grindstone for over 35 years.

How did I get my nick name, The "don" Franko?

Well, it takes a lot of moxy to grind out a living in the financial markets, and since I possess a lot of  tenacity for business and a strong willed personality, a very good friend dubbed me with my nickname The "don" Franko as in the Italian "don" of trading—and it stuck!

From my early twenties,  I new that investing in the financial markets was the direction for my life's work. And since my first option trade on Dell, my journey began and I have now completed well over 5k option trades and close to 200k stock trades. Along the way, I have taken multiple training courses, been mentored and funded by investors. Over the years, I have literally traded dozens of others ideas and trading strategies, but my best success did not begin until I developed my own strategies. Needless to say, the donFranko has paid the dues for his knowledge.

Now that I have mastered my techniques for trading options, stocks and the FOREX markets, I decided to start this website to help others take off years of learning curve and painful account blow ups. My goal for you is that you learn my strategies and enjoy great success as you navigate the markets with me!

I like to read, scuba dive , travel, hike in the mountains, ride motorcycles and I am a professional  No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament player.

My passion is to continually improve myself, and therefore, be a strength and encouragement to others.

My philosophy in life is: Live each day as if it were your last one on Earth!

My motto is: If you say you can't...THEN YOU MUST!

My mission is: Teach others to find their way to success and I will have all the success I can handle!

My creed is: Give it all you've got, and when you think you cannot give any more...take a leap of faith!

My favorite quote: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

My wish for humanity: May God richly bless you as you walk a path of enlightenment on the "narrow" road to salvation in Jesus Christ!
John 3:16

Should you decide to join the Optionradio.com trading team, I would like you to bring three things to the trading day:
Courage, Faith and an Open Mind. Without these, you cannot survive the trading storms out there...even with my expert help!

Now lets go bag that White Whale!

Profits Up!

The donFranko


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