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This strategy is what makes trading exciting! Imagine taking a small investment and turning it into a massive one. When trading options, you can make significant returns on a percentage basis; however, many times, most traders will not take the smaller profits they earn quickly because they do not think a it is enough and instead let it continue hoping for a big win. Unfortunately, more often than not, you end up with a big loss or worse, you expire worthless and lament that you should have taken any profit.


If you learn the power of compounding your small profits, then you will ultimately build your account larger than any single trade may make for you—unless you are using my Lotto Plays strategy!


The Compounder Trades are designed to demonstrate the power of compounding your account into thousands of dollars with a small starting investment. The power of options is that they have magnified movement on a percentage basis compared to the stocks price move. Large percentage returns are made quickly when trading options, which is the lure of trading them; however, many traders tend to get too greedy and end up expiring a profitable trade into a worthless or stopped out one. Ironically, just about every properly executed trade will have, at the minimum, a 20% profit and if you learn how to compound your profits, 20% can grow your account into a very large one much faster than trying to pick massive winners one at a time.


Here is where I will show you the power of compounding your small account into a huge one. You can start with small capital and then target your minimum ROI at 20% per trade. The chart below shows you how 20 trades compounded at just 20% ROI will grow to a substantial amount of money!




Note, we will put a stop loss at the 20% profit mark and let the play continue on so we can capitalize on the expanded moves; however, we will always take a minimum of 20% each time we execute a trade.



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